Barr defends interventions for Trump allies, protest response

5 takeaways from House hearing with AG Barr | PBS NewsHour

Attorney General William Barr defended himself Tuesday against Democrats’ allegations that he has inappropriately intervened in Justice Department cases to protect President Trump.

Barr told the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee that he was simply trying to “restore the rule of law” by reducing a sentencing recommendation for Trump adviser Roger Stone.

Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) accused him of trying to “secure favors for the president,” while Barr said the DOJ is “independent” of Trump.

Asked about his role in the use of federal agents to crack down on anti-police-brutality protesters, Barr declined to reject the use of tear gas on peaceful demonstrators.

When asked if it’s ever appropriate for a president to accept foreign assistance in an election, Barr said “it depends on the assistance.”

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