Matt Shea on Son’s of Liberty program

I stop at the Sons of Liberty web page every day  and just finished listening to the interview of Matt Shea ( a State Rep from the Spokane area).  It is a little over an hour long and one I would hope everyone can take the time to listen to.  Matt Shea has been under hard attack for his stand politically but it is one I strongly agree with.

I had the honor to meet Matt in person back in Dec. 2014 when Mike Vanderboegh came to Washington (Sipsey Street Irregulars out of Alabama) to attend and partake in the Gun Rally’s in Olympia.  I was unable to get to the rally’s so Mike suggested we meet at Barnes & Noble in West Olympia – which we did.  We sat drinking coffee for some time and one of the guys with Mike was — Matt Shea!!!!  Had a very nice conversation with him and I liked him right off.

Anyway –  here is the main page for Sons of Liberty   Stop often to read their reports

and this is the URL for the interview – it is also on the main page when you scroll down the article.

I hope this interview will poke major holes in the attacks that the so called conservatives in Washington have been slinging at Matt Shea.

Matt has had a deeper understanding and knowledge of the DEEP STATE and its ilk and that is why he is being attacked.

Let me know if you listen and what your thoughts are.

Jackie Juntti


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