CNN hypocritically smears Christians for worship concert, says nothing about Democrats in Black Lives Matter protests

By Paul Martin 

by: Arsenio Toledo |

Mainstream media outlet CNN recently criticized an open-air concert in northern California attended by several hundred Christians. It has, however, not extended the same scathing rebuke toward riots held by Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement in the state, which several Democrats attended.

The event in question, known as “Let us worship,” was a Christian concert held in Redding, California, and organized by Hold The Line, a faith-based activist group led by worship musician Sean Feucht. The event was held under the town’s iconic landmark and tourist attraction, the Sundial Bridge.

The contention here comes from local Shasta County health authorities, who asked everyone who attended the Christian music and faith event to self-quarantine for 14 days, monitor themselves for symptoms and to get themselves tested for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Authorities allege that the event, while technically legal, did not follow state guidelines because most of the participants did not follow health protocols. This includes practicing social distancing by staying at least six feet apart from each other and wearing face coverings. They further said that Feucht’s event “put our community at risk.”

Feucht says that he shared their plans to hold the concert with the Redding City Council, who then asked him to reach out to the state health department to figure out how to enforce state health guidelines, as well as to check if they required any permits. However, Feucht never heard back from them, which is why he assumed that there were no further complications and the event could continue as planned.

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