Austin City Councilman Calls for Expedited Demolition of Police HQ

Austin City Councilman Jimmy Flannigan proposed the expedited demolition of the city’s police department headquarters. His idea came in a two-part plan to reconstruct/deconstruct the entity in the wake of recent protests and vandalism in the capital city of Texas.

“We should expedite the demolition of the APD Headquarters by directing the City Manager to move all remaining APD staff out of the existing headquarters building and into other underutilized city facilities,” District 6 Councilman Flannigan wrote in his plan posted on

Flannigan joins Democrat leaders in cities across the country calling for the defunding of police departments and other law enforcement agencies in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this year.

Austin resident Mackenzie Kelly, Flannigan’s opponent in an upcoming city council election, called Flannigan’s proposal, “Nothing is more symbolic of recent efforts to de-fund the police than this scheme to demolish Austin Police Headquarters,” in an interview with The Hayride political blog. “If anyone for even a second thinks that these proposals are designed to save money or increase accountability, remember that Jimmy Flannigan is now proposing swinging a wrecking ball at the very heart of law and order in our city.”

In a Facebook post, she called Flannigan’s proposal “reckless and completely unthinkable.”

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