When people don’t learn from their own history, they are bound to repeat the same mistakes, and that principle applies particularly to our Black population when it comes to their usually close relationship with the Democrat Party.

The Democrat Party was the most anti-Black, racist group in America.  They spawned the KKK, and they were responsible for trying to keep guns out of the hands of Black people through early forms of gun control.  It was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who ended slavery, but what caused the Democrat Party to suddenly change their evil ways and embrace the Black Community was as simple as this:  Black people were given the right to vote.

In all the years prior to Black people getting the right to vote, the Democrat Party was their worst nightmare,  but Democrats, despite their inclination to commit all kinds of evil and mostly reject God, weren’t stupid, either.  They knew that if they didn’t do something fast, they would all be voted out of office.  After what they’d been up to regarding the suppression of Black people, they knew there wasn’t a Black person in America who would vote for them, so they switched gears like magic and suddenly became Black America’s very best friends overnight!

All the Democrats had to do was give Black America free stuff, and our Black population started eating right out of their hands like a kept pet.

No wonder Democrats have no real respect for Black people!  It has been widely reported, and only recently disputed, that when Democrat President Lyndon Johnson signed the so-called, “War on Poverty” legislation, he privately said, “This will keep the Niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.

Why?  Well, that particular bill provided welfare and all kinds of free stuff to the poorest of our nation, who also happened to be predominately Black, that’s why.  Basically, the Democrat Party created a sort of mental plantation to keep Black people controlled and on the Democrat side, but what welfare really accomplished was to enslave Black people to be dependent on the Democrats, so why wouldn’t most Black people vote Democrat?   Of course, the Democrats realized they needed to set up some House Negroes to act as liaisons with the mostly White Democrat Party, so they encouraged people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to accept the part, and the plot has been very successful — until now.

Only now are many Black voters beginning to realize they’ve been had all along, and the only person who made them begin to doubt the Democrats’ sincerity is none other than then candidate and now President, Donald J. Trump.  And how did Trump make them think?  He asked them a simple question:  “What do you have to lose”?  That simple question led to another in many Black minds:  “What has the Democrat Party really done for me lately?”

It was such a brilliant move on Trump’s part!  You see, one of the principles for getting another person to agree with you, is to ask them a question and make them think.  If you just argue with a person, even if you make perfect sense and can back up your statements, it doesn’t serve to open the other person’s mind — but asking them a question can and often does!  Remember that.  It is a principle of Human Nature that people don’t want to be wrong, so they’ll cross their arms over their chest as you’re browbeating them and you can almost hear their minds slamming shut!  But when you ask them carefully constructed questions, you are leading them to come to their own correct conclusion — which just happens to mirror your own.  Thus s/he ends up agreeing with you, not because s/he was wrong, but because in their mind they have arrived on your side through their own thought processes, get it?

That is exactly what that genius Trump did, and now Black people all over America are beginning to question their former assumptions about the Democrat Party.  The Democrats came up with the phrase, Black Lives Matter, but if they really cared about Black lives, they’d do something about Chicago, which is controlled exclusively by Democrat politicians.

No, Black lives don’t really matter to Democrats; but Black votes definitely do matter, and the Democrats are currently in a state of panic, because if enough Black voters figure out they’ve been kept on a virtual plantation by the Democrats all this time, the slaves are going to overrun the plantation and the Democrat Party will be no more.

Oh, in my dreams!

Carl F. Worden

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