Marines call off search for 8 missing service members

File:U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant exits an Italian Army CH-47 ...

The First Marine Expeditionary Force said it has called off search and rescue efforts to find eight United States service members who went missing after an accident involving an amphibious assault vehicle off the coast of Southern California on Thursday.

Here's what we know about Thursday's Marine amphibious assault ...

The vehicle was carrying 15 Marines and one sailor when it reported taking on water and sank for unknown reasons in deep water. Of those on board, eight Marines were rescued, two of whom are in critical condition at a hospital, and one of whom died.

The seven missing Marines and sailor are presumed dead. A.A.V’s are considered to be particularly vulnerable and the Marines have sought a replacement, but they’re still a cornerstone in the Corps’ inventory, The New York Times reports, because of their amphibious nature.

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