News from Real Clear Politics August 3rd 2020

Capitol Hill in D.C. Is an Occupied Protest Zone, Too. Democrats’ behavior during William Barr’s congressional hearing last week prompted some comparisons for Frank Miele.

“Peaceful Riots”? Journalism Bows to the Woke Mob. Mark Hemingway takes issue with news outlets tempering their descriptions of violent riots that have broken out repeatedly in cities nationwide.

Biden: Transition to What? Steve Cortes considers the sources of input for the self-described “transition candidate’s” agenda as president.

Thomas Sowell Goes to Bat for Charter Schools — and Whiffs. The conservative economist’s new book ignores the fact that these schools reject America’s neediest children, Glenn Sacks argues.

Myths the Media Perpetuate About Gun Control. John R. Lott Jr. lists statistics and research that news outlets seldom choose to relay.

Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Will Fix Everything — and Nothing. In RealClearEnergy, Oliver McPherson-Smith asserts that the 7,000-word document is more hot air than substance.

School Reopening Debate Exposes One-Size-Fits-All Flaws. In RealClearEducation, Adam Peshek calls for greater flexibility amid the pandemic.

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