A Chilling Warning

H/T to Bob for this link –  It is well worth taking the time to listen and to THINK!!!!!

Hopefully many of you will listen and THINK and then share it with others.

How easily so many will follow the *leaders* — right into the prison camps and smile all the while they are doing so.

One of the comments made in this was about not questioning *authority*.  That was something I have always done – QUESTION AUTHORITY.  I have never been a compliant member of this world – always questioning those who tell me I have to do something.  There’s a few County deputies in Pierce County who most likely remember me from years ago –  When they told me I had to sign the ticket – I asked them what would happen if I didn’t – I suggested they would probably *kidnap* me and then demand *ransom* from me – (Arrest me and hold for the fine) – That seemed to really irritate the guy and he demanded I sign it or else.  So I wrote in PRINT – “UNDER DURESS”  and then signed my name and handed it to him.  THAT REALLY ticked him off.  Funny how when a court date had been set and I had the two officers and the guy who monitors the radar set up served with subpoenas – none of them showed up in court.  Yes – I have always QUESTIONED AUTHORITY and will continue to do so.

A Chilling Warning from Trump’s Former N.S.C. Dir. of Strategic Planning


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