Trump has FAILED

I never – NEVER – thought I would agree with anything this Self involved idiot would say but when I saw the headline on this item I sat here shaking my head YES YES  ! ! ! !

Pres. Trump has indeed FAILED –  He FAILED TO CONTINUE THE COMMIE/SOCIALIST AGENDA that has been THE PROGRAM for the Democrats and the RINO’s – the DEEP STATERS.

What amazed me is that this Commie/Socialist would come out and say so for all to read and hear.  They really think they have this country by the shrinking testicles and their so called *Black Lives Matter* which is almost all White Socialist brain dead who can’t get a job that requires some real working abilities.  All they know is how to vandalize, loot, and in some cases either kill or badly injure.  Destruction is all they really know how to do.

Unless thinking people stand up and refuse to allow this to continue we are watching the end of America within a year.  The Spirit of LAWLESSNESS is roving about seeking all he can devour.  We are seeing the Spiritual War being carried out by humans.

This Covid plague fits right in with the Plagues God played out in Egypt.  If you want to have your eyes opened up to how there is nothing new under the sun, watch this from yesterday – how Pastor Holthaus covers the plagues – the DNA restructuring of humans (Gates Vaccines, etc).  J.D. Farag and Pastor Holthaus have the very best and most informative messages that all who CARE need to watch and follow.

Pastor Holthaus is going deep into the happenings today and tying them to the days when God sent Moses to Egypt to tell the Pharaoh to LET MY PEOPLE GO.   Start at the 25 min spot as that is when the message begins.  He also brings out the DNA changes that the vaccines will bring and the growing of human body parts on animals (human ears being grown on the backs  of mice).  The END is ever so near!!!

Have a great day – and if you want to have a great ETERNITY – then ask Jesus Christ into your heart and do it NOW.
Jackie Juntti

Stacey Abrams: Trump Casting Doubt on Election Results to ‘Distract Us From the Fact That This Is a Failed Presidency’

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams addressed President Donald Trump casting doubt on the upcoming election results and warning of potential voter fraud with mail-in voting.

Abrams, who has long claimed she lost in the Georgia gubernatorial race to former Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp due to voter suppression, accused Trump of “trying to distract” Americans from the fact that he has had a “failed presidency” by calling into question the possibility of voter fraud in vote-by-mail.

“The best way to show Americans the results can be trusted is to make sure that no one believes we’re going to have results by 11:00 p.m. on election night. Not going to happen,” Abrams emphasized.

“We need people to understand more people are going to try to vote,” she continued. “We can overwhelm the system with our participation, but we’re going to have to have patience when it comes to the outcome. And likewise, we have to recognize that he’s trying to distract us with these cries of fraud, and these lies about when the election can be held. He’s trying to distract us from the fact that this is a failed presidency.”

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