The Tennessee Republican primary proves whoever wins in November, Trumpism is here to stay

A view from the Left

Skylar Baker-Jordan reports that:

Democrats often talk about Donald Trump as though he’s Bowser in the Super Mario games. Once he is defeated, the game is over. Good vanquished evil, the princess is saved, and peace restored to the Mushroom Kingdom. Yet, as in the Mario franchise, there is always a sequel. Bowser never goes away. He either comes back or a new villain – Wario, say, or the Koopa kids – takes his place.

Here in Tennessee, we’re seeing the first rumblings of that succession. The Republican primary for US Senate has become one of the most contentious battles this side of a Nintendo console. Manny Sethi, a surgeon from Nashville, is taking on Trump-anointed frontrunner and former US ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty in what Politico dubbed“the nastiest Republican primary in the country.”

The last Democrat to be elected to the US Senate from Tennessee was Al Gore in 1990, so whoever wins is likely to become the Volunteer State’s next senator. And while watching the right cannibalise itself is always a good time, the truth is for Democrats like me it doesn’t matter who wins this primary. It is, however, worth looking at what it tells us about the state of the Republican Party and American politics more broadly.

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