I am sitting here watching the local news and how the Seattle City Council plans to greatly defund the police dept.  With all the criminal
acts that have been going on in Seattle (SHOP/CHAZ and then spreading out all over the city… my thoughts have gone to that famous saying by my favorite actor …   “GET OFF MY LAWN”  and  “MAKE MY DAY”.

I have long called Seattle, SODOM BY THE SEA due to the high population of Sodomites and Lesbians and those who can’t seem to figure out which gender they are.  God calls them ABOMINATIONS.

The news this evening mentions the many shootings that are going on in Seattle and in the suburban towns to the South of Seattle. It all takes me back to the old west when these gangsters and their ilk would go out rob and kill and then hightail it back to their HOLE IN THE  WALL  (an nearly version of CHOP/CHAZ).

Seattle is so far gone now I don’t see it ever coming back to a place the anyone other than criminal types will want to go.  I understand
there are many houses going up for sale and many businesses are leaving or planning to do so.  That is going to make a HUGE hole in the tax revenue to pay those DEFUNDERS. Living proof that manure can sprout legs and walk.

Going to be interesting to see how the primary vote goes today. Will the Democrats retain their hold on Seattle and the State? Or, will enough people THINK and then tell the Democrats and their *peaceful protesters* to MAKE MY DAY and GET OFF MY LAWN???

Jackie Juntti


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