Democrats can’t hide their shutdown crazy

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Wow. Take away a baby’s favorite toy, and my, my, my, does the high drama  come. Tears! Rivers of tears! Pointed fingers!  You!!! You did this to  me!


It’s not really that the Democrats desperately need the government open as  usual. I’m not certain they even remember what the issue is. The problem is,  none of them can remember any time in which the Republicans didn’t give them  everything they wanted, when they wanted it. Now the Republicans have said “the  People shall be listened to”. The Democrats are bringing the weapons-grade  crazy.

Normally Leftists are just mean and vindictive, coldly calculating what will  give them the most power, crushing whoever stands in their way. These current  antics are actually costing them politically; but they are simply unable to  control their own rage.

The crazy that they say

Barbara “call me senator” Boxer: The latest Republican shutdown plan  continues its war on women.

Senator Tom Harkin: It’s very dangerous. I  believe we are at one of the most dangerous points in our history right now.  Every bit as dangerous as the break-up of the Union before the Civil  War.

Sen. Angus King: Those people are guilty of murder in my opinion.  [murder! You murdered my Panda cam!!!]

Harry Reid, Senate  Majority Leader: We’re only truly entering a banana republican  mindset.

Cher [yes, THAT Cher] in a tweet: LOVE MY COUNTRY & THESE MORONS R RUINING IT.THEY NEED GOOD WHIPPING!HMmm they probably go 2  sum chick in blk leather 4that

Petual Dvorak, Washington Post  columnist, approvingly quoting a “man on the street”: Line ‘em up and shoot ‘em.  I consider what they’re doing treason. nancy_pelosi

Nancy  Pelosi, House Minority Leader: But to say no government, that’s what  President Washington cautioned against. [What? George Washington wanted  Americans to bow to Almighty Government?]

Boy President: They have  shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable  healthcare to millions of Americans.

Stephanie Miller, some kind of  radio talk show host, to a caller: They are not holding your children hostage;  they are trying to blow your children up. They are suicide bombers they are no  longer hostage takers. They are no longer just regular terrorists they are  suicide bombers.

The New Republic, left-wing rag tweeted: When faced  with an intransigent, bull-headed governing body, Yeltsin did this: [with a  picture of a tank having just blown a hole in what seems to be the Parliament  building] [They should change the name of their magazine.  Really]

Chris Matthews, noted MSNBC leg tingler: I’m wondering,  who’s feeding the elephants at the Washington Zoo?

Anthea Butler, Penn  University associate professor and professional racist: The government shutdown  is partly due to President Obama’s race. [of course, darling. Everything’s  about race.] Moo, a tweet: Due to Congress’s failure to pass  legislation to fund the government, updates to this account will be limited.  #Shutdown [say it ain’t so, Michelle!]

John Fugelsang (famous  for standing next to Daisy Fuentes?) tweeted: Shutting down the US Govt is the  closest this congress can get to seeing the Confederacy finally win #p2  #Obamacare

Cecile Richards, president of Butcher Inc Planned Parenthood: The House’s war on women. hary-reid

More  Harry Reid: One reason they are so afraid…given a little bit of time  Obamacare is going to be supported by 90 percent of the American. [Oh dear  God, you really think that?]

More President Jackass on  negotiating with Republicans: “I shouldn’t have to offer anything. You don’t get  a ransom just to do your job.

Senator Chuck Schumer, on Harry Reid:  He’s been the rock. And he’s had our whole caucus behind him. Because if we  negotiate on a short-term [government funding bill], what are they going to do  on a long-term bill? What are they going to do on the debt ceiling? [ok, you  won’t budge on anything, EVER, but Republicans are the Taliban, the suicide  bombers, the ones with a gun to America’s head? Yeah, no. ]

Believe me, I used 1/4 of what I collected for this article.

The crazy that they do

Obama shut down the World War 2 Memorial. This is not a museum. It was  built by and remains funded by private donations. It is an outdoor, open-sided  park. No fences, some daytime staffing, and not funded by the government.  Veterans from across America visit daily. President Obama ordered a  fence/barricade put around it. Security officers threaten to arrest anybody who  breaches the barrier. [This has gone very public. It’s openly petty and  vindictive, and has caused a huge national backlash. What could they possibly  hope to accomplish with this? It’s just….crazy]  After this low-down-dirty  deed became known, the Reid-led Senate shot down a Republican-sponsored measure  to order this park left unfenced.

Obama shut down Claude Moore Colonial Farm, another self-funded  tourist destination in Virginia that sits on federal land but is otherwise not  associated with, funded by, or managed by, the federal government.

Obama has cancelled the Navy-Air Force football game, and in fact all  football games of the service academies. Football for these organizations is,  like that of any college, not only self-funding but a huge cash cow for the  entire school. In other words, it receives no federal money. [this will piss  people off good, but what Democrat with a brain could possibly think this would  get blamed on Republicans?]

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by Kids, it’s been a long,  long time since we’ve had the LeftCommies in such a state of agitation. You  simply can’t be satisfied with just watching, popcorn and sodas at your side. Oh  no you don’t. This is a fan-participation game.

Find the nearest Democrat you know… warmly….lean over…..gently whisper  in his ear: Ted Cruz. Then lean far enough back so that you’re clear of  the diet-coke-meets-mentos fun:

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