Ross Rant August 5th 2020

This is just a sample of the other morning’s tirade.

Rutgers English Dept has now decreed that proper English pronunciation and grammar are racist. Huh?

They are back to the black English mantra of a few years ago. And they then expect the students to come out able to write and speak properly to get a good job???

NYT staff demands that in a couple of years more than 50% of staff be of color.  Forget can they write properly and intelligently, like if they came from Rutgers. The only test is you are hired so long as you are not white.

Unemployment in NJ is very high. So the legislature just passed a bill to let illegals get professional licenses to take jobs from citizens.

Great thinking.

In Illinois they want to do away with history books until they are rewritten to the approval of black left wingers who want to rewrite history to delete the things white men did to make this country great, and instead make them look like racists and oppressors.

Academia and Dem states just get whackier and whackier, and in the end the kids and legal citizens suffer.

My college professor friends at tennis tell me, depending on the class and level of the students, online is not nearly as effective as in person.

If you are just teaching basic math, it works, but if you are teaching more advanced students more complex math, it does not really work.

Having taught graduate level myself at NYU, there is nothing like in person classes for the interaction, and the professor being able to read the body language of the students to see who needs more help.

This is not going to be a good year to be a student which is why many MBA students are not taking online classes and will work another year.

Columbia Business School has determined that 1/3 of tuition is for learning, 1/3 for networking and 1/3 for other, so they will break classes into thirds, and one day 1/3 go to class with a professor, and 1/3 in another room with video feed, and 1/3 stay home. Each day they rotate. Classes runs from 7 AM to 9 PM to make this work.

And this is supposed to be highly intelligent professors who came up with this absurd nonsense so they can rationalize collecting full tuition.

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