August 2020 Primary Results

Tennessee Firearms Association Legislative Action Committee financially supported a number of candidates in the August 2020 state primaries. As one might expect, several of the candidates who were supported prevailed and are now campaigning for the November 2020 general election. At the same time, some of the candidates TFALAC supported ran vigorous and difficult races but did not prevail (although in most instances where this occurred they were outspent perhaps as much as 10 to one with “Establishment funds”).

TFA wants to thank all of those who ran with the support of TFALAC in the 2020 August primary – all of them!

TFA wants to recognize those who had TFALAC’s support and who will be on the November ballots. TFALAC will be examining the November races and deciding which candidates need and should receive its support in those November races. We encourage you to also evaluate these November races with a view towards electing candidates who are most likely to support constitutional carry and supporting those candidates.

The candidates supported by TFALAC so far and who will be on the November ballots are:

  • Sen. Janice Bowling
  • Sen. Joey Hensley
  • Sen. Paul W. Rose
  • Rep. Bud Hulsey
  • Rep. Lowell Russell
  • Speaker Cameron Sexton
  • Rep. Mike Carter
  • Rep. Jerry Sexton
  • Rep. Kelly T Keisling
  • Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver
  • Rep. John Mark Windle
  • Rep. Paul Sherrell
  • Rep. Scott E. Cepicky
  • Rep. Clay Doggett
  • Rep. David “Coach” Byrd
  • Rep. Chris Todd
  • Rep. Jay D. Reedy
  • Rep. Bruce I. Griffey
  • Rep. Rusty Grills
  • Rep. Mary Littleton
  • Scotty Campbell
  • Todd Warner



TFALAC Annual Event – August 9, 2020

Mark your calendars!  The TFALAC’s annual event and auction which is intended to raise funds for the TFALAC (a state registered political action committee) in order to support pro-2nd Amendment candidates is August 9, 2020.  There is still time to get sponsorships, vendor tables, attendee tables and tickets.  Event will be at a new location this year with limited occupancy so act quickly to make sure you can participate!  Get information and tickets on the TFALAC’s 2020 Event webpage.


John Harris

Executive Director


Joining and supporting TFA is an investment in the fight to restore our constitutional rights and to fight against politicians who are willing to sell their votes and your rights to whichever business interest gives them the most money!

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