“Has Trump Gone into Hiding?…ANALYSIS / DE-CODE…”

We are entering a very dangerous advanced phase of “The Storm.”….“This may be the last time you see me for a while.”…The green curtains drawn closed in every room of the White House represent the theatrical “green screens” which film makers use to create fake backgrounds…definitely the case with the “press conference” at “Bedminster.”…The 17 washing machines positioned directly behind Trump in Ohio represent the money laundering and/or the other “dirty laundry” Deep State deeds that Q Anon / Trump will be exposing….Trump, Barr, Durham, Rudy et al. have pulled the pin on the hand grenade and tossed it at the Globalist Crime Syndicate and its henchman. Stupid-19 will not get rid of Trump; nor will Black Lives Matter; and nor will that bumbling, stumbling, doddering old fool, Creepy Pedo Joe Biden — especially now that it has become clear that Trump will never allow “Vote-by-Mail” to happen.     Only one other option remains. (((They))) must kill Trump…”


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