Just finished watching this video (1:18 length) and I didn’t find much in it that was a surprise – I am sure many others will however.  I feel blessed that I never got caught up in the mind driving games of movies or politics.  For some reason I was blessed with an insight to things not many of my family or friends had.  I think it goes along with my inborn ALWAYS QUESTION AUTHORITY  mind set from childhood.  Some of the things I read about when I was in my 20’s – it was as though I was supposed to be made aware of this satanic, demonic underground so I wouldn’t get caught up in it.

This is long – over an hour but it is loaded with things many of you may not ever heard of or even thought of.  Or, you bought into the media soft touching it.

Thanks to Jeff for posting this on The Federal Observer and for alerting me it is there.  PLEASE check it out and then think of how it is all very much connected to what is going on right now in this world.



Jackie Juntti

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