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Frank's cornerI get a lot of email everyday and I mean a lot… a great many of individuals that are involved with the government do, so I am not so special in that regard.

On occasion, I do get one that stumps me and I call for help and I have lots of friends that know a great deal about a particular governmental departments and strategies used by those agencies. I thought I would share with you what I have learned so far.

First the round robin email:

DID YOU KNOW…Even your children belong to the government. Under Obamacare, on October 1, 2013, CPS field agents, armed with a manual published by Human Health and Services and codified under Obamacare will begin operating under the power granted to them by Obamacare. Subsequently, they will be able to conduct forced home visits without a warrant. Things such as a (yet undefined) bad grade, missing more than 5 days in school in any one month, can get a parent to be declared guilty of educational neglect. Having a gun or beer in your house can get your children removed from your custody. Even the traditional act of grounding your child for misbehavior will get you declared to be guilty of “isolation neglect” and subject your child for removal from your authority and your home. If you are a parent and you have not heard of this provision of Obamacare, I would suggest you read the 110 page manual that was created by the United Nations. This is the HHS/CPS field manual that goes into effect this week!

Our first task is try to find some substantial info on the subject and the best way to do that is Google.  I suggest using the term “HHS/CPS field manual” as a start, for which we have over 13,000 results.

The majority of  the sites will be tossing the same information at you but a few will actually place you on a path out into the open.

One of those links will take you here…

KKTV 11 News – DID YOU KNOW… Even your children belong


I would suggest you read the 110 page manual that was created by the United Nations. This is the HHS/CPS field manual that goes into effect this week!

Another here:



FIELD GUIDE FOR. STRENGTHS-BASED INTERVIEWING PROTOCOLS. FOR USE IN: 1) CPS Investigations and Safety/Service Planning, and. 2) CPS 

More results for cps field guide

And these are just a few but enough to get you started on your search for the truth. Oh… you will also need to drop by snopes.com as well as The Department of Health and Human Services where the final draft is. Snopes is generally a pretty good place to go except when it comes to issues concerning the current President so read carefully before you decide to take their side.

What we, those of us that have covered the political scene, know as the truth is never easy and never just one side, but this is a story of injustice that permeates throughout the political process down the cities themselves. It’s bribery but its legal. It deals with the theft of your dollars and your freedoms, but its legal. It may goes as far as the murder of children yet born, but its legal. Its a process that destroys incentives, businesses, as well as forces industries overseas. But most of all its legal because consenting authorities have voted and approved it. The same consenting authorizes that you voted for and placed into office. Right down to the city council people that live in the same neighborhood. All of these authorities put you in jeopardy with every months vote and most couldn’t tell you why they approved such nonsense.

Today, in the city of Jackson and cities all around, these officals do it is the guise of a better police force or better fire engines, after school day care, better schools, better housing. I think the latest propaganda is “we want to see the nurse earning $70,000.00 a year living next door the single mother who works at Wal-Mart.” This not a slur on Wal-Mart, they just came to mind, but it is a slur on and an insult to the nurse that bore the brunt of attaining the education required to earn $70,000.00 a year and paying fully while the single mother’s level of education on average is not equal to high school degree. But she will get the privilege of having her life subsidized… sorry, she has earned the right to have her life subsidized. I personally have more faith in the single mother than our own government.

Back to our subject…. how did something like this get buried in ObamaCare? Well it according to Lynn Stuter, it’s not just ObamaCare!

I’ve read several different e-mails on this.  Snopes is partially correct but not entirely correct.  Snopes contention that this is a state program, not a federal program, is incorrect.  The grants are only awarded through a granting process that requires the state to submit a grant proposal that must conform to all the requirements of the request for proposals, including compliance with enumerated federal laws.  In other words, the state agrees, in applying for the grant money, to abide stated federal laws.  Once the grant proposal is accepted, at the federal level, and grant monies awarded, the state has entered into a de facto contract with the federal government that is very legal and very binding; and very enforceable.  Several states that took Goals 2000 money found this out when they decided they didn’t like what the feds were pedaling.  The feds said, “that’s fine, pay the money back.”  The states, of course, didn’t have the funds to pay the money back; they were stuck.

“At risk” was defined, under Goals 2000, as the “child arriving at school on the first day, and every day thereafter, ready to learn.”  What put a child at risk?  A myriad of things including having different clothing than other children, an argument with a parent or sibling, rules in the home that the child disagrees with, being poor, having only one parent …

The coercion comes when school officials notify the parent or parents that unless they cooperate with school counselors, school psychologists, and other involved personnel, in implementing what has been decided on as a course of action resulting from a “special needs” assessment (if I remember correctly, this is called an education improvement plan) regarding their child/ren, the matter will be turned over to Child Protective Services.  And yes, CPS in most states, arrives at the family’s home with officer in tow.  They threaten the family.  We’ve all heard the horror stories.

I was made aware of a situation in which a single mother could not afford to pay out the money for her teenager to dress in the latest expensive school fashion; nor would she let him do whatever he wanted.  The kid complained to school officials that his mother was abusing him; the school notified the mother that either she play ball or the case would be turned over to CPS.  The mother didn’t play ball; CPS removed the kid from her home; and she was forced to pay child support to the state.  The teenager, with his new-found freedom as a foster child, got involved in dope and was soon a juvenile delinquent known to police.  The mother knew what he was after but the state didn’t care.  In the end, the kid was nothing more than a pawn used by the state to send a message to parents – do as we say or we will take your kids.

Technically, using the word “forced” is inaccurate; using the word “coerced”, however, is not inaccurate.

Of course this trend started much earlier than ObamaCare. It is just that it has been given a little more room to breathe under this administration.

For this city of Jackson, elections come in two years, good time to look at elected members currently in place and ask yourself if life is better or not.

Special thanks to Dee Roberts, Jackie Juntti and especially Lynn Stuter


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