The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is well-known for exceeding its mandate.  Under one Democrat administration, the CDC tried to classify firearms as a health hazard.  That was ridiculous enough, but now the CDC has gone too far:  They have, “ordered”, that no evictions can be carried out for those behind on paying their rent.  If President Trump does not immediately step in and stop this CDC adventurism, he will bear the blame and rightly so.

The CDC operates under Secretary Alex Azar or the Health and Human Services Department, and he was appointed by and serves at the pleasure of President Trump.  I don’t recall housing being part of that title, as that authority belongs under Housing Department Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, who so far has not objected.

So if President Trump does not step into this outrage and correct it immediately, lawsuits alleging an illegal taking (of property) will soon commence and our President will take the blame for it.  That’s not a good outcome in an election year for a president seeking reelection, so Trump had better act fast.

I have one rental property with loyal renters who have paid their rent regularly every month.  I haven’t raised their rent more than one time for $100.00 per month in twelve years because it is better to be wise than greedy — particularly at a time like this.  If those renters eventually move out, I will adjust the rent on the property to at least reflect increases in property taxes, but not for now.

I’m blessed that my rental property is paid for, but those landlords who have to pay mortgage payments, while being prevented by the CDC from evicting derelict renters, and if they cannot, their properties will be foreclosed upon.  Those landlords are largely Trump supporters, and if he doesn’t do something soon and fast, he’s going to regret it.

So will we.

Carl F. Worden

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