Once again last evening, my deer avoided my feeding station and water.  So this morning I awoke early and while it was still dark, I shone a very strong flashlight into my 20 acre backyard and saw big, predator eyes shining back at me.  It was a Bobcat, and Bobcats may not be big enough to take down a full-sized deer, but they do attack and kill fawns.  One of my does had two fawns, and has only one now.  She has been coming into my backyard since the first incident and just stands there, staring around, looking for her missing fawn.  She is obviously in mourning.

I’m also missing a smaller 3-point buck, but it is bow season for deer right now, so that might explain what happened to him.  It’s either that, or he may have been taken by a Cougar.  So I moved my feeding and watering station up to my house near my front door.  It will take the deer only one or two days to find it, because that’s where I feed them during the Winter, and predators are less likely to get that close, especially since I have three Labrador Retrievers who don’t bother the deer or turkeys, but won’t allow an apex predator anywhere near them.

There’s method to my madness.

Carl F. Worden

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