Having lived in Southern Oregon for thirty years, and coming from Santa Cruz County in California, where I lived for twelve years, I have come to recognize certain common denominators in Liberal policies that either lead to natural disasters, or if not caused directly by Liberal policies, result in a government unable to respond effectively to save lives and property.

The first lesson to be learned is never, ever vote to put a liberal in a position of government authority.  Liberals’ minds are inherently different from those of Conservatives, and that can be good, depending on the place in life a Liberal holds.  For example, Liberals make great artists of all kinds:  They are often good fiction writers, especially as Journalists, playwrights, actors, photographers, movie directors, painters, sculptors, comedians and entertainers.  We know they are advanced in those creative fields, not only because they tell us so, but because the empirical evidence is undeniable.  Frankly, that is where they need to stay — by force if necessary.

But if we do make the mistake of voting for Liberals to administer government of any kind, history has proved Liberals lack the wisdom to carry out common-sense preparations to deal with the inevitable natural disasters that occur from time to time.  Instead, they contribute to causing the problem, and are mentally unable to act to prevent or deal rationally and effectively with such disasters when they occur.

Let’s start with the natural disaster known as Covid-19.  Whether or not the Chinese Communists accidentally or intentionally unleashed the Chinese Virus, world pandemics will occur regardless of whether man-caused or of natural origin, and those pandemics must always be prepared for.  But in Liberal-controlled states and nations, no effective preparations were made.  When President Trump told us the, “cupboards were bare”, it was the truth.  The Obama-Biden Administration spent money foolishly and made no preparations for a major pandemic — even though the world had recently dealt with SARS, H1N1 and Ebola.  The Conservative mind recognizes the probability of such occurrences repeating and prepares for them, while the Liberal minded souls sit on the stump and fiddle all Summer as if Winter will never come.  Liberals have an incredible ability to ignore reality, coupled with an amazing inability to learn from their own mistakes, so when we vote to put Liberals in a governing position of any kind, we might as well be putting a knife to our own throats.

Which leads us to the present conflagrations destroying California and Oregon.  Prior to Liberals taking the reins in each state, logging kept our forests healthy and safe.  When forest fires started, it was most often loggers, working in the forests, who were the first responders and often stopped such fires before air tankers and massive crews had to be deployed.  But Liberals don’t like cutting down trees, so they filed lawsuits to stop logging all over the western states based on environmental concerns about clearcutting, and were, “successful”, if you can call it that.  Over the years since, the forests and undergrowth became congested, just as the logging interests warned they would, so when a forest fire breaks out now, all Hell breaks loose!  There are few if any loggers immediately present to stop the fires in their tracks, and many forests developed Bark Beetle infections that killed and left standing millions of dead conifers as ripe for ignition as a firework.  But what did the Liberals claim was the cause?  Global Warming!

Let me explain some simple science:  To make fire, you need three ingredients.  They are Oxygen, fuel and ignition.  Did you see a reference to climate anywhere there?  No.  Now if you want a really big fire, you combine Oxygen, ignition and massive fuel availablity.  Get it?  It could be fifty degrees below zero, or one hundred degrees Fahrenheit:  If you have enough dry fuel, you will generate a massive fire, and climate doesn’t have a damned thing to do with it.  But if you try to explain that to a Liberal, you can hear their minds slam shut.

Here in Oregon, we had a terrible fire year in 2015.  A massive July 15th lightning storm set off multiple fires all over Southern Oregon in forests that were severely congested.  Health-hazardous smoke filled the Rogue Valley for almost three months until the rains finally arrived.  Nobody could go outside for very long, and even the voices of Liberals could be heard, calling for a remedy to prevent that disaster from happening again.  Our cries reached the ears of our illustrious Democrat Governor Kate Brown, a self-described bi-sexual woman who is so ugly she needs to be bi-sexual or she’d probably never get laid.  What did Kate Brown do to stop 2015 from repeating?  She formed a committee staffed with fellow Liberals to study the problem and make recommendations.  As a result, nothing of real import was done, which brings us to the present conflagration that makes 2015 look like a walk in the park.

The 2020 Southern Oregon disaster is one for the books — and it is presently ongoing.  Somebody started a fire in North Ashland on a 100 plus degree day, coupled with low humidity and very high winds.  The fire took off super-fast and almost totally destroyed the cities of Talent and Phoenix.  I saw the whole thing from my back deck.  Over 600 homes were burned along with many businesses.  My rental property may be among the lost, but I won’t know for a few more days.  Another fire sprung up and threatened to destroy the City of Central Point, but they got that one under control in time.  Yet another fire started near my hilltop home in Eagle Point.  That one grew to over 20,000 acres in just two days and is now threatening to burn down the City of Shady Cove, a main tourist destination for those wanting to fish, raft or kayak the beautiful Rogue River.  The City of Butte Falls is also threatened.

I once heard a joke:  Reality is for those who can’t handle drugs.  I’ve got a new one:  Liberalism is for those who can’t handle reality.  Not only did the threat of the next massive fire-storm never change with the formation of that silly Governor’s committee, the fuel load got worse!

Oh, but there’s more:  Southern Oregon, and especially the City of Medford, has been largely taken over by Liberals, and Liberals have this inexplicable love affair with transients (read Bums).  These bums are not homeless; they are professional bums and they relish their chosen lifestyle.  They run around the country looking for any location that will tolerate them and preferably provide for them.  When they find such a place, they get on their Obama phones and call all their friends and acquaintances to let them know Southern Oregon is an excellent destination — and it is.  Here the bums get free haircuts, free laundry services, free food (of course), free housing, free dental work, free medical and you know the rest.  But there is an element within the homeless population who are mentally ill.  One woman was caught setting fires to homes.  She was arrested, let go and went right back to setting more fires.  As far as I know, she’s still out and about setting more fires, but as an alleged homeless person, she gets special differential treatment from our Liberal police and district attorney — but it’s still not as bad as Portland, so I’m thankful for that.

Local governments also passed bills to construct a pathway that runs from Ashland to Central Point called The Greenway.  It was meant for walkers, hikers and bicyclists, but as with most such well-intentioned projects, it’s been taken over by bums, who steal grocery store carts, pack them with their belongings and drugs and then roll the whole mess onto The Greenway, where they burrow under the blackberry vines to camp.  The bums regularly start small fires to cook on, and as can be expected, The Greenway has been a constant ignition point for starting fires ever since.  What do the local Liberals do?  Nothing, of course.  What could they do?  Oh, let me tell you the policies that could be enacted, but won’t be.

Anyone seen loitering needs to be shaken down, identified and a check for arrest warrants made.  If the bum has no identification, they are brought in to be fingerprinted.  If a bum ignores a court date, they are incarcerated until their case is speedily processed.  Anyone seen pushing a grocery cart full of crap more than 1/4 mile from the grocery store must be forced to prove ownership of that grocery cart.  If they cannot, the contents are dumped on the street and the cart is returned to the grocery store.  If the contents are not removed within one hour, they are picked up by garbage collectors and disposed of.  There are more such policies that can be enacted, but the point here is to make Southern Oregon inhospitable enough to cause the bums to move away to another location.  Instead, Southern Oregon is considered a bum’s destination resort, and as a result, The Greenway will continue to catch on fire, sometimes with devastating results.

Did I tell you Liberals never learn from their mistakes?  Neither do we, if we keep voting for them.


Carl F. Worden

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