Trump Road Rally

On the Road

The I-275 TRUMP Road Rally HERE IN greater Cincinnati was fabulous Saturday morning with hundreds of supporters gathered on overpasses and lining the xway especially in the flat land of Southern Ohio. Many hundreds of these folks also had flags and TRUMP banners and were waving vigorously at the parade vehicles. Thousands of decorated Trump vehicles honking and waving going both ways on the loop. Many interstate travelers and 18 wheelers in the high speed lanes joined in rolling down windows waving and honking air horns in support of the parade and also having a great time. At one of the interchanges in Cincinnati there were three police cruisers parked with the officers holding up Trump signs and waving to the parade. With congestion at interchanges and so many supporters coming on the interstate traffic in the slower 55 mph parade lane slowed to a craw many times. It took three hours to travel the 84 mile I-275 circle around Cincinnati and we did it all. State police in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky as well as local jurdictons provided security with some in unmarked vehicles and many parked in the median. It was a day thousands of us who joined in the parade locally will long remember.  This is TRUMP Country again!



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