Protesters Demand Bill Gates’ Arrest as Huge Anti-Gates Mural Emerges in Melbourne

Anti-vaccine street art depicts smiling Bill Gates holding a syringe

the mural depicts bill gates smiling and holding a syringe with the message   time to install your update

By: Jay Greenberg  |  Neon Nettle

Crowds of Australians have been taking to the streets and demanding that billionaire Bill Gates is arrested while a huge mural attacking the vaccine enthusiast appeared on a wall in Melbourne.

The giant street artwork depicts Microsoft founder Gates smiling and holding a syringe, saying: “Time to install your update.”

The mural emerged as Australia continues to revolt against “harsh censorship, wall to wall surveillance, the digitalization of currency and rigid social controls including oppressive lockdowns.”

The mural was signed by @Lushsux, an anonymous resistance artist known for trolling powerful figures.

Meanwhile, protests have been growing in cities across Australia.

Australians continue to demand Bill Gates faces charges of crimes against humanity.”

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