Thomas’ News for Friday, September 18th, 2020

China Is Killing the Dollar

Why US Wildfires Hit California More Than the South

The Air Force Needs a New Non-Stealthy Bomber – Defense One

A B-1 Lancer and a B-52 Stratofortress fly over Barksdale Air Force Base, La., in 2015.

Nobody Wants America to Rule the World – Defense One

NY Board Of Dread: DeBlasio Lies, Hangs Taxpayers Out To Dry Once Again

NY Board Of Dread: DeBlasio Lies, Hangs Taxpayers Out To Dry Once Again

The Mayor of NYC keeps on going back and forth with his policies and agendas, making it really hard for the residents of NY and frankly quite confusing.

24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call Begins ’50 Days of Blessing’ in Park Across from White House

New survey: Christians are less motivated to address racial injustice this year than last year

Vandalism and looting in 2020 will cost insurance industry from $1 billion to $2 billion in claims (Editor’s note: Add 20% to that number to match what the owners will pay to have the property return to  “just as it was” condition)

Two Campaign Staffers For Ilhan Omar’s GOP Challenger Shot In Minneapolis, Suspect Arrested | The Daily Caller

Japan’s new PM: Yoshihide Suga rises from rural beginnings to replace Shinzo Abe | South China Morning Post

China Reportedly Carrying Out Military Exercises Near the Taiwan Strait – Sputnik International

President Trump’s Ban On Critical Race Theory, Explained | Zero Hedge

Second China defector gives biological weapons information – Washington Times

$1M bail cut for some held after protests of police shooting | WTOP

Black Lives Matter Linked To 91% Of Riots Over Three Months, Study Finds | The Daily Caller

Campaign staffer, 17, for Ilhan Omar’s Republican opponent is shot and killed in Minneapolis | Daily Mail Online

GoFundMe campaign was launched on Wednesday to help with Conley’s funeral  expenses.

Report: Education Department Investigating Princeton After President Says School Has A ‘Systemic Racism’ Problem

The Washington Examiner exclusively reported Thursday that the U.S. Department of Education is investigating Princeton University after the school’s president sent a letter earlier this month recognizing that racism is “embedded” on campus.

As reported by this news site, In his letter to professors, students, and faculty, President Christopher Eisgruber listed a number of solutions to the problem he presented, including taking race into account when admitting students and hiring faculty and professors.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Green Party Candidate from Ballot — Allows Late Ballots to Be Counted Up to Three Days After Election

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