As Today’s Bible verse points out, the Lord’s favor is like a shield that surrounds and protects a Believer on every side. No matter what difficulties or challenges that are coming against us today, we can be confident that we are safe under the Lord’s favor.

“For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield.” (Psalms 5:12)

When we cultivate God’s righteousness, then God’s favor encircles and protects us like a shield on every side. It shields us against the pressures of life. It comes between us and the enemy seeking to destroy us, and forces too powerful to deal with in our strength or wisdom. We have no protection against these forces except for the shield provided for us in God’s favor.

The favor of the Lord also is represented by the presence of God in our lives. When we have the favor of the Lord on us, we are walking under a cloud of God’s presence.

“In the light of the king’s face is life, And his favor is like a cloud of the latter rain.” (Proverbs 16:15)

We will never need to be spiritually dry when we are walking under God’s favor. If we walk in the Lord’s favor, we can share God’s blessings with other people. We can take God’s favor with us wherever we go.

Every Believer who walks in the favor of the Lord receives God’s grace and God’s blessings in their lives, and so does everybody they come into contact with.

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. In this you have done foolishly; therefore from now on you shall have wars.” (2 Chronicles 16:9)

God is searching to find those of us whose hearts are fully His. When we turn our hearts over to God for His work, He will show Himself strong on our behalf, manifesting His favor in and through us for all the world to see. Today, decide to walk in favor of the Lord. Not only will your life be blessed, but everyone else’s life will be blessed as well!.

Are you walking in favor of the Lord?


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