“What To Do If You Miss The RAPTURE”

We all have family members and friends who have not been *saved* –  Those who deny the need to be Born Again spiritually.

This message by Pastor Mark Correll is one that needs to be heard NOW and if not then a copy of it to be left for those who miss the Rapture and are LEFT BEHIND to live thru the Tribulation.  I do so hope that all will watch and listen to this message and do all you can to open the hearts and eyes of the unbelievers.

Mark Correll Ministries

“What To Do If You Miss The RAPTURE” – 9/13/2020


I truly do believe that the Rapture is ever so close to happening and I am driven to reach as many as I can to share the Gospel with them.

I pray daily – morning – during the day and night for everyone on this list and for ALL who have not asked Jesus Christ into their heart and become Born Again.  I look at my prayers as efforts to rescue another person (soul) from the Devil and his demons.

We are all seeing the works of Satan and his demons in the world –  the media is filled with their sinful deeds.  The attacks against the Church is real and instead of praying to do harm to those attacking – I try very hard to pray that they will see the error of their ways and instead of attacking the Church and Christians that they will turn and see their faults and ask Jesus into their hearts.  See this as a rescue of prisoners of the spiritual war we are all engaged in.

Please let me know if you watch this program – and please share it far and wide with others so that they won’t be LEFT BEHIND.

Personal note  —   the pain has been lessening but still a ways to go.  Thank you to all who lifted my in prayer.

Jackie Juntti


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