As many of you have read in my posts I have early morning thoughts – songs – that take place just before I actually wake up – not EVERY morning but most of them.  Some I post out others I don’t.  Since I believe the Rapture is oh so close this one really caught my attention.  So many who either refuse or fail to comprehend the need to Ask Christ into their hearts NOW – before the Train leaves the station.  In spite of some denominations who preach the false gospel of someone else being able to stand in for you later or that you will have more *chances* – or – that there is no hell (Lake of Fire) — the bible is CLEAR on it being an INDIVIDUAL CHOICE and that it MUST be made BEFORE the RAPTURE.  There will be some who will be granted that 2nd chance during the Tribulation but that number is few.  Why go into the Tribulation at all when you can make that CHOICE TODAY?

During my wake up time his morning I had this come thru to me.

Thousands of people standing at the loading platform of the Train

The Engineer is shouting out loudly –  ALL ABOARD!!!!

Then I heard the train begin to chug and still many people standing – with their luggage – on the platform – as the train begins to pull out

After the Train leaves the station the platform begins to burn.

Made me think of all those who are ignoring the call to Jesus…  the LEFT BEHIND bunch.

Don’t forget to watch and listen to J.D.Farag today

Scroll down to todays two programs  9/20/20  – one at noon pdt ( Choosing sides)   and the 2nd at 2:15 (What really matters Now)

Jackie Juntti

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