We students of God’s Word have been watching the unfolding of events since Donald Trump announced his intent to run for president with a mix of both awe and amusement.  We are in awe that God picked just the right moment to thwart the liberal plans to overthrow our nation.  It was clearly planned that Hillary would carry the Liberal/Socialist banner to the finish line.  Finished, as in the “fundamental transforming” of America into a Socialist nightmare ready to join the One World Government spoken of by God’s prophets in the last days before Jesus returns.

You see, the United States is an extension of Israel, and the Bible tells us that Israel and Jordan will escape the New World Order.  Few people know about the ancient Hebrew-inscribed stone found under the skull of a high Levitical Jewish Priest in Tennesee.  The allegedly “lost” ten tribes that left Israel, traveled over the Caucusus Mountains and ended up in what is now the United States.  They were called, “Caucasions”, after that.  Are the puzzle pieces beginning to fall into place for you now?  Heh-heh!

No wonder the liberals went so berserk when Trump miraculously defeated Hillary!  They were so very, very close, and had planned this transformation out for so many years, but at the very last minute (and in the knick of time) saw all their expectations thwarted.  For them, it was like watching a football kicker blow a chip-shot field goal that would have easily won the game in the last second.  No wonder they went so berserk!  They didn’t lose an election; they lost an intended outcome, and that same scenario has played out time after time ever since President Trump was elected.  What the liberal conspirators didn’t know is that they’ve been playing solitaire with a deck of 51 cards the whole time.

Think about it:  They tried every evil trick in Satan’s book, from a corrupt FBI and DOJ “insurance policy” that went nowhere, to a failed impeachment attempt.  They arranged liars to falsely accuse Trump’s Supreme Court nominees of outrageous behavior to no avail.  They have had nearly all the entire print, cable and social media working for them, and yet they still keep coming up short.  Gee, why is that?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, what you are seeing played out here is the Hand of God himself.  Just look at the timing of the death of super-liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginzburg!  We all know Chief Justice John Roberts has been severely compromised and would disappoint us all again if the coming election had to be decided by the Supreme Court, but with Ginzburg’s death and probable Trump replacement of a solid conservative, originalist appointee, John Roberts can no longer throw the election results.

This coming election was to be the liberal’s Battle of The Bulge, and just like Hitler’s last gambit, all their efforts will once again fail.  When God demanded Ruth Bader Ginzburg’s soul, as only he can do, he just about slammed the door on a manipulated election result, and the liberals all knew it.  Their problem is they don’t know God is behind all their failures, because not only do they fail to acknowledge God or his laws; they obviously reject God and his laws altogether!  Their evil acts clearly reveal that.  When people do that, they are doomed to fail, because the missing card in that solitaire deck is God himself.  When you don’t have God in your life, you don’t have a life at all.

That means, at least for now, the liberals can’t win no matter what they try, and that is what I find so very amusing.


Carl F. Worden

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