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By Erick Erickson

There’s no reason to write a long post. Let me just give you something that bugs me.

For the past year, Democrats have already been openly floating the ideas of (A) scrapping the filibuster; (B) packing the Supreme Court; and (C) adding DC and Puerto Rico as states.

Now, the Democrats tell us if the GOP confirms a Supreme Court pick then the Democrats will do those things they have already been saying they wanted to do.

This time they really mean it.

But they’ve been threatening it all along. Were they lying then? Did they not really mean it?

To be frank, if the GOP does stuff the Democrats don’t like, the Democrats always say they’ll change the rules as soon as they get back in power. This is no different.

The only thing that is different now from every other time is that there is an actual Supreme Court vacancy, it is from the left, the GOP holds the White House and Senate, so the GOP really can move the Court right.

Democrats saying they will do what they’ve said all along they will do should not now shape the outcome.

Also, arguably, the Supreme Court would rule an effort to give DC statehood unconstitutional.

The Democrats and their friends in the media have long said the GOP is more ruthless. Both parties, in fact, claim the other side is always more ruthless and fights dirtier. But it was the Democrats who scrapped the filibuster for nominations.

The GOP only finished it off when the Democrats foolishly filibustered Neil Gorsuch.

At this point, both sides have no incentive to defuse the situation. So they should not. Let me state again a very basic and plain fact — if the Democrats controlled the White House and Senate and a conservative Supreme Court Justice died six weeks before an election, the Democrats would make a mad dash to confirm no matter what threats the GOP made.

Presume a Biden victory in November and a Democrat take over of the Senate by a vote or two. Even then, it will be hard for some of the swing state Democrats to go for broke with their Senate Democrat colleagues in the next Congress.

Regardless, the GOP should not be playing odds or restraining themselves based on what the people who killed the filibuster might kill this time. They should confirm a nominee. The Democrats have made these threats all year. This is nothing new and if they take the Senate back even without a nominee, they’re going to do those things anyway.

They already said they would.

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