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Sens. Manchin, Murkowski introduce American Energy Innovation Act – Daily  Energy Insider

The U.S. Senate is preparing a major energy bill, described as a “down payment” for more draconian climate change measures, that will pave the way for the radical “green” agenda, infringe on state sovereignty, and tie the U.S. further into international agreements.

On February 27, 2020, Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska; 46% Freedom Index score) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.; 31% Freedom Index score), the top two senators on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, introduced S. 2657, or the American Energy Innovation Act (AEIA). The bill, as described by The Hill, combined over 50 separate bills into one package, “touch[ing] nearly every aspect of the energy industry.” The bill is 555 pages long.

For several months, the bill was stalled in the Senate. This was because the White House and Senate leadership blocked a proposed amendment by Senators John Kennedy (R-La.) and Tom Carper (D-Del.) to reduce levels of a greenhouse gas called hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), specifically over a provision permitting states to enact stronger regulations than the federal government. Unable to resolve the dispute, the bill failed in a March 9, 2020, 47-44 cloture vote. The onset of COVID-19 hysteria distracted Congress from pushing forward with the bill.

However, on September 10, 2020, the Senate reached a compromise on the Kennedy-Carper amendment. Under the compromise, state and local governments will be prevented from enacting stricter HFC regulations for between five and ten years. Rejoicing at the agreement, Senator Carper stated that “we now have a clear path in Congress to enact and implement a nationwide phasedown of hydrofluorocarbons … [among other things] helping our planet avoid half a degree Celsius in global warming.” The bill has bipartisan support, meaning that its passage is almost assured.

The Kennedy-Carper Amendment is one of the many problems with the AEIA that make it a threat to individual freedom and a slippery slope to a radical environmentalist agenda. By preventing states from choosing their own regulatory policies, the AEIA infringes on state sovereignty and the Tenth Amendment. In fact, Congress’s regulation of HFC in-and-of-itself violates the Constitution since nowhere does it give the federal government authority to regulate HFCs or take similar actions.

The infringement on state sovereignty is only one problem with the bill, which capitulates to the Left on climate change and is a slippery slope to more radical measures. For example, the bill designates nearly $2 billion through Fiscal Year 2025 to promote carbon capture in coal and gas plants to combat climate change. Not only is this proposal nearly identical to Obama’s 2009 energy plan, but carbon capture promotes the scientifically unsound belief that there’s something wrong with carbon dioxide, when, in fact, CO2 is a necessary and beneficial compound for the earth. And considering that CO2 emissions in the U.S. are falling faster than any other country, such a policy is totally unnecessary.

The AEIA also contains a backdoor measure to bring the U.S. into compliance with the 2016 Kigali Agreement – intended to reduce HFC production and consumption in the name of preventing climate change – without actually ratifying it. The binding international agreement, ratified by over 100 countries, had been blocked from Senate ratification despite being negotiated and celebrated by the Obama administration. However, the AEIA would bring the U.S. into compliance anyway. Not only would this infringe on U.S. sovereignty and circumvent the constitutional method of ratifying treaties, but this de facto ratification again represents a surrender to the Left’s environmental agenda and would harm American consumers and the U.S. economy.

The AEIA includes other provisions that would entangle the U.S. in international agreements. For example, the bill contains a provision requiring U.S. participation in several international organizations:

The Secretary [of Energy] shall carry out a program to develop bilateral collaboration initiatives with a variety of countries through … (3) maintaining existing multilateral cooperation commitments of— (A) the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation; (B) the Generation IV International Forum; (C) the International Atomic Energy Agency; and (D) any other international collaborative effort with respect to advanced nuclear reactor operations and safety. (p. 321)

Elsewhere the bill states that: “The Secretary, in collaboration with key stakeholders, shall actively participate in efforts to harmonize global specifications and metrics for data center energy and water efficiency.” (p. 104)

These provisions might not be significant in-and-of themselves, but they advance the globalist effort to incrementally integrate and entangle the U.S. into the fold of the often cited “new world order.” They are also deliberately vaguely-worded, enabling officials with broader latitude to pursue further globalist policies.

Last but not least, the AEIA expands the federal government’s reach into the energy industry through subsidies, preferential treatment of certain industries, and through other means. In accordance with the Tenth Amendment, the economy’s energy sector is rightfully off-limits to the federal government.

In summary, the AEIA represents the Republican establishment’s capitulation on the issue of climate change. The GOP, which opposed Barack Obama’s environmentalist policies, now endorse many of those same policies and accept left-wing climate propaganda. Senator Manchin labeled the AEIA “a down payment on emissions-reducing technologies” against climate change.

In reality, “the issue is never the issue.” The leftist and Deep State push for climate action is not about the environment. In reality, by alleging a “crisis” that exists on a global scale and that requires a global solution, they find an excuse to eliminate national sovereignty and impose international socialism and a world government upon the planet. In fact, climate change is one of the primary means of the Left and the Deep State to advance global socialism. These developments threaten the Constitution and the liberties it protects.

Republican politicians might believe that passing a bill like the AEIA might deter a more extreme measure like the AOC and Bernie Sanders-backed “Green New Deal.” However, the Left won’t abandon any of the ground it gains. By shifting the Overton window to the Left, the GOP will enable the eventual enactment of Marxist policies like the “Green New Deal.”

To prevent this, our representatives and senators in Congress must reject S. 2657, the American Energy Innovation Act (AEIA), and its unconstitutional and socialist policies. Click on the green button below to contact your U.S. representatives, senators, Vice President Pence, and President Trump and ask them to oppose S. 2657​. As of September 22, 2020, neither the House nor Senate have passed S. 2657.

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