Twitter: Tweeting “Burn Down Louisville” Does Not Violate Rules

Despite its rules against encouraging or glorifying violence and promoting terrorism, Twitter is permitting users to tweet “burn-down-Louisville” messages.

Unhinged Twitter users are tweeting to destroy the city in Kentucky because a grand jury refused to indict cops involved in the shooting death of the latest martyr for the Black Lives Matter movement, Breonna Taylor.

She died after her boyfriend began a gun battle with police. The boyfriend fired. The police fired back. Taylor was hit six times. A single bullet killed her.

The grand jury did indict one officer on three counts of wanton endangerment because his gunfire hit a neighboring apartment.

Whatever the merits of the grand jury’s decision, Twitter’s rules are clear: No advocating violence.

Except in the cause of imagined “racial justice,” apparently.

Burn It Down
Breitbart News has curated several burn-down-Louisville tweets and asked about one in particular.

“Louisville, KY will burn tonight” the now-deleted arson threat from Lee G News said.

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Reported Breitbart:

The tweet included a picture of the vlogger and one other person holding raised fists, wearing masks bearing the name “Breonna Taylor.”

While the account itself is not particularly influential, Twitter’s official response to the tweet indicates that the platform has a high tolerance for tweets promoting the domestic terrorist violence that has been endemic in American cities over the past four months.

“I can confirm that the Tweet referenced does not violate Twitter Rules,” a Twitter spokeswoman told Breitbart News.

Twitter doesn’t much care what other tweets say, either.

“Burn it all down,” Guy Ben-Aharon wrote above an NBC story.

Wrote Twitter user Dom Pablo, “And I hope they burn Louisville down tonight, yll hear me? Burn it down, the college the precincts the whole thing.”

“I hope They burn down the entire city of Louisville,” The Great and Terrible opined.

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