Planned Anarchy — Fwd: We must Protect the Results

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You may have seen the news that the Democrats have assembled and hired a phalanx of over 600 attorneys across the nation with a plan of action to contest the election results in any state or district where the results are close (or even not so close) with legal challenges for recounts, extended counting time and other maneuvers to delay results unfavorable to them.  This is a legal strategy but it is accompanied by pre-planned protests (mobilization, mass actions) supported by a media blitz and events (marches and rallies).  If you follow the links, there are 88 far left organizations uniting and committed to this plan, whose strategy seems to be to create anarchy/riots in the event of a Biden loss.  It is not hard to read between the lines in the email message below to detect the true intent and plan laid out. Remember— if there is no resolution by inauguration on January 20, the speaker of the House becomes the acting president, probably still Nancy Pelosi.

Indivisible is just one of many I saw listed in another article reporting the Democrat’s plan for creating ”civil unrest” and recruiting activists.

They are now sending out emails as the one below to recruit leaders and form local groups ready to respond after the election.

I am sure the Republicans and Trump know of these plans which are being openly pursued but I get many conservative and Republican updates but nothing about mobilizing a base of supporters to protest if Trump loses.  Yet the left is claiming that that is the Trump strategy, to refuse to leave office and pursue legal maneuvers, exactly what they have in process.

They are painting the Republicans as sore losers who will not accept defeat when that is the continuing story of the 2016 election in every action the Democrats have taken and now are firing up for 2020.

“Increasingly, the message of the Democrats appears to be ‘Biden or no peace’,” he said. — AG Bill Barr

The message to Christians is to be in fervent prayer for the integrity of the election process and a decisive win that precludes any shenanigans, protests or court cases.  As President Trump has noted, it is vital that a 9th justice be confirmed before the election so there are no 4-4 decisions that would not resolve an issue;

Do not give these people Money…………

This afternoon, a federal judge put a hold on the Trump administration’s attacks on the Postal Service. He reiterated what we’ve known the whole time: “[Trump and Postmaster General DeJoy] are involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service…this attack on the Postal Service is likely to irreparably harm the states’ ability to administer the 2020 general election.”

And it’s not just the post office — last month the Washington Post reported on the RNC’s literal plans to contest the results of the election. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both spoke out about their fears for November. And Trump straight up admitted he’s planning to interfere.

Trump thinks he can steal this election. And if we don’t take action, he might be able to.

Luckily, many experts saw this coming, and we’re already working on a plan to fight back. It’s called Protect the Results — a joint effort between almost 100(and counting!) partner organizations to prepare for a mass mobilization if Trump loses the election and refuses to leave office.

We’ve got three steps to get ready for a potential Trump-manufactured constitutional crisis:

  1. Develop mobilization strategies — using the possible scenarios gamed out by experts, we’re planning for what our response needs to look like to protect our democracy.
  2. Recruit for grassroots turnout — with ads, media coverage, digital organizing, and more, we’re getting the word out to the people (that’s you!) to sign up at so we’re ready to act the moment we need to.
  3. Prepare for events nationwide — working with experts, our coalition, and grassroots leaders, we’re planning for the mobilizations and informed mass action we’ll need if Trump refuses to accept the election results.

All those plans take massive effort and resources — from the digital ads and infrastructure we’re paying for to the time we’re spending working with coalition partners and briefing reporters. If we have to put our plans into action, we’re expecting to spend over $1.2 million, and we need your help.

Can you give $10 to help us Protect the Results and fund all our crucial work this election year?

If you’ve saved your information with ActBlue Express Lane, your donation to Indivisible Action will go through immediately:

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We’d love to think we won’t have to use these plans come Election Day, but we know we need to be ready. It’s going to take all of us to make it happen — thanks for doing your part.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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