Evidence and actual confessions by vote fraud specialists are mounting to the point I’m having doubts my votes have been counted at all, or only sometimes.

I’m sure some of you who have kept up on the news regarding this subject are also sharing the same doubts, because it appears to be a pervasive issue.

But there is one glaring aspect I’m having trouble understanding, and that is this:  A person or persons pulls off ballot harvesting for, “sorting” before being delivered, or a postal worker takes a bunch of ballots s/he knows were probably cast for a candidate they want to lose, so they just dump those ballots out somewhere they are sure to be found?  There’s something wrong with that picture even though it is obviously occurring.

Ballots are paper, easily burned and thereby leaving no evidence, but in the cases we’ve seen reported, these recovered ballots were just dumped and discarded.  That certainly leaves the possibility that those ballots could be forensically tied to one or more individuals who committed the crime, right?  Why would anyone who knows the seriousness of the criminal consequences, be that stupid?  Are they just so arrogant they don’t care?

I don’t have a definitive, let alone a speculative answer.  It’s either a psychological tic in a number of people, or I can’t help wondering if some of these found ballots were intentionally planted to make vote fraud appear to be so rampant that nobody bothers to vote?

I think you’ll agree, it is an oddity.

Carl F. Worden

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