As much as I detest Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his Washington Post, I do find I need to buy products through Amazon when I can’t seem to find what I need elsewhere.

Some time ago, I applied for an Amazon Credit card issued by Synchrony Bank.  I always and immediately pay all credit card bill balances as received, so I never have to pay credit card interest — or so I thought until I received this month’s bill.  As I was checking the bill charges on the Synchrony bill, I noticed I was being charged $2.39 interest, so I called them to inquire.

The nice lady I spoke to informed me she would be removing the interest charge after I told her I pay the full balance each month.  But she did explain the interest charge, and you won’t believe this bullshit.

It seems I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses when I paid off the last bill. I was off and short by a whopping 2 cents!  If you don’t pay the entire balance due on the current bill, Synchrony Bank and Jeff Besos charge interest, not just on the 2 cents I was off, but on a substantial part of the bill — in this case $111.00!!!

I won’t do business with crooks, and that, “policy”, offends me in every possible way, so I will be canceling that credit card.  I never needed it in the first place because I have others.

Anyway, I thought you folks should know what I found out about the Amazon/Synchrony Bank card.

Carl F. Worden

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