Is There A Coup Coming?

This election will be beyond a mess.  The LEFT is doing all they can to make sure that the election is so clouded that no one will be able to be accepted as a *winner*.  This is the reason we are hearing and seeing so much *confusion* and the big push for this *mail in ballot* method of voting.  It is one thing to have absentee voters but to so as they are doing this time has no ties to honest voting.  It is also one thing for an ALL MAIL IN VOTING system in the states that have been doing it for several years and have worked out the kinks.  The failure (or corrupt plan) to clean the voter registration roles is a problem that I first went after in Pierce County, WA in the 1990’s.  I’ve posted my experience about that a few times.  The refusal of the county politicians to ensure that the voter roles are CLEAN and ACCURATE is not an accident – and it is the agenda of the LEFT.  It was the reason I kept pushing for the voter registrations to be cleaned every so many years and people would have to RE-register if they wanted to vote.  This would clean the records of the DEAD registrants and those who have moved.  We are reading and hearing of the many people who have received numerous ballots for people who have died – who have moved decades ago.  Corrupt people will make use of those bad ballots to skew this election.

I am watching Brandon Holthaus of Rock Harbor Church and he is laying it out so clearly.  I hope many of you will take the half hour to watch and listen to his comments.     Is There A Coup Coming?

Keep in mind that America was formed as a Constitutional REPUBLIC

We are NOT a *democracy* as so many keep saying.

Jackie Juntti


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