AARP is little more than a marketing scam!

A bombshell new report from Juniper Research reveals how the supposed “seniors organization” AARP is little more than a marketing scam for UnitedHealth.1

As the report details, AARP’s main revenue stream comes from its sale of supplemental health insurance coverage. However, rather than helping seniors select the plan that is most tailored to their needs or financial resources, AARP sells UnitedHealth insurance exclusively in return for a 4.95% cut on every plan sold – this relationship netted up to $627 million in 2017 alone.

Lawsuits have alleged this constitutes an “illegal kickback” because seniors are duped into believing these plans are cheaper because of the “AARP” logo, when in reality, the same coverage can be obtained without paying AARP’s commission. The fact that AARP’s main revenue stream is selling UnitedHealth plans, rather than dues-paying members, has significantly clouded their advocacy.
During the Obamacare debate, seniors contacted the AARP 14-to-1 against the bill, but AARP instead supported it. Why? Perhaps a health insurance giant wanted the government to force every person to buy its product.

Health policy debates are going to continue to be distorted until Congress understands that AARP functionally speaks for its business interests, not seniors. Tell Congress AARP Doesn’t Represent Seniors! If you want a good Senior Organization check into AMAC!

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