If you missed Mark Levin’s interview with Senator Ted Cruz last evening, I’m going to give you a recap.

Cruz was discussing Supreme Court cases, and one of them was Citizens United, which I apparently never really understood at all, and it wasn’t reported accurately in any news broadcast, including Fox.  Citizens United is a small non-profit that made a film critical of Hillary Clinton.  The Obama Administration tried to fine Citizens United for producing a movie critical of an elected official Obama liked, and even more incredibly, the case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which decided on an unimaginable margin of 5-4 to support Citizens United right to free speech!  5-4 on an issue that should have been solidly decided in the lower courts immediately!

Next, the Democrats introduced an amendment to our Constitution to do away with the First Amendment right to free speech.  Did you hear about this from anyone, including the media or even your GOP representatives?  I sure as Hell didn’t, and I pay attention to the news.  In the Senate, every Democrat voted for that constitutional amendment, but lost to the GOP majority.  Are you kidding me?  Every Democrat Senator?

So now we’re beginning to understand why the Democrats are going to do everything in their waning power to stop Trump’s nomination of Barrett to the Supreme Court.  As Cruz explained, the Democrats have embraced the courts as their means to do an end run around the voters, who they have zero respect for.  The voters mostly reject radical liberal Democrat ideas, so the Dems decided that packing the Supreme Court with maggots like Ginsburg would be their ultimate ticket to a complete overthrow of our nation.

That Levin show really disturbed me.  Why wasn’t I notified by my GOP representative or Senator about that attempt by the Dems to get a constitutional amendment passed?  Were any of you?  Are you beginning to understand the true seriousness of all this?


Carl F. Worden

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