Docs: Obama Knew Clinton Launched Russia Collusion Hoax

Docs: Obama Knew Clinton Launched Russia Collusion Hoax

President Barack Obama knew that Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign manufactured the Russia Collusion Hoax in the summer of 2016 to derail opponent Donald Trump. FBI Director James Comey and his deputy for counterintelligence, Peter Strzok, were also aware of the nefarious plan.

The disclosures are in former CIA Director John Brennan’s notes after a meeting with Obama and a memorandum from the CIA to the two top FBI officials.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe disclosed the gist of the notes and the memo last week in a letter to Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham.

Ratcliffe’s letter clearly stated that Clinton and her campaign button men conceived the hoax to protect her presidential bid, then in trouble because of revelations about her illegally using a private e-mail server to handle classified information. And Ratcliffe clearly wrote that Obama, Comey, and Strzok knew about it.

Declassified Docs
Trump ordered the declassification of the Russia Collusion Hoax documents yesterday.

“I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax. Likewise, the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal,” he wrote “No redactions!”

The first document, Brennan’s notes, reveal that the conspiracy to destroy Trump reached to Obama.

“A source familiar with the documents explained that Brennan’s handwritten notes were taken after briefing Obama on the matter,” Fox News reported.

Wrote Brennan:

We’re getting additional insight into Russian activities from [REDACTED]….

“CITE [summarizing] alleged approved by Hillary Clinton a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.…

Any evidence of collaboration between Trump campaign + Russia

So Obama knew about the dirty tricks and did nothing to stop them. Nor did Comey or Strzok.

Part 2 of the release, the memo, divulges Comey’s and Strzok’s knowledge of the conspiracy.

“Per FBI verbal request, CIA provides the below examples of information the CROSSFIRE HURRICANE fusion cell has gleaned to date,” the memo says.

Then comes the intelligence on Clinton’s role. The failed candidate OK’d the hit on Trump:

An exchange [REDACTED] discussing US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s approval of a plan concerning US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering US elections as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.

Last Week’s Letter, Steele Dossier

The release of the documents back Ratcliffe’s letter to Graham last week that provided the date Clinton OK’d the hit on Trump:

According to his handwritten notes, former Central Intelligence Agency Director Brennan subsequently briefed President Obama and other senior national security officials on the intelligence, including the “alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016 of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.”

That approval came after Comey cleared Clinton of wrongdoing in the e-mail scandal. Clinton, Comey argued, did not intend to break the law when she used a private e-mail server to handle classified material.

After Comey’s precipitous decision not to hold Clinton accountable, her campaign used a cutout to hire British agent Christopher Steele to compile what became known as the Steele Dossier. It would, they thought, derail Trump’s run for the White House with tales of “collusion” with Russian agents and Trump’s perverted sexual escapades in Moscow.

Worse still, Graham’s committee revealed, the FBI knew the key source for Steele’s hit piece was a Russian agent.

Yet the agency still used the absurd claims in the dossier to procure a foreign surveillance warrant against Trump campaign operative Carter Page.

FBI agents were so concerned about the hoax they purchased liability insurance in case they were caught.

Reprinted with permission from The New American

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