CAGW’s September Porker of the Month Video

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has named New York City (NYC) Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) Porker of the Month for demanding a $5 billion bailout from New York State taxpayers while refusing to make any commonsense cuts in spending.

In June, de Blasio requested $5 billion from the state to cover the city’s budget shortfalls even for problems preceding the pandemic. The request both angered city and state comptrollers and offended members of his own party since he has refused to make cuts to the city’s budget.

Slashing just 2 percent would save more than $1 billion and finding avenues to save money would not be difficult.

City employees make 75 percent more than private-sector workers and 90 percent of them pay no health insurance premiums, so simply requiring both premiums from employees and freezing paychecks for two years would deliver significant savings. Instead of looking at these commonsense reforms, Mayor de Blasio is begging for state money and his high taxes are driving out NYC residents in droves.

For failing to put taxpayers first, Mayor de Blasio is the September Porker of the Month.

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