BLM Running Rampage In Wauwatosa

BLM has been warning white people that they’re coming out to the suburbs,  and last night they made good on their threat.

Civilized people must understand that when a mob gets this out of control,  nothing you SAY can turn them away.   When they come,  you better be ARMED,  – and have a goodly supply of ammo.


These young people are not to be reasoned with.

They’ve been fed lies and the politics of Black Victimhood all their lives.   

Obama made ZERO difference in their lives.   He never tried – because he didn’t care. 

They believe they’re justified in terrorizing white neighborhoods…

This is the George Soros scheme working out exactly as planned.

As this was happening,  Senator Kamala Harris (who has told them to “KEEP Rioting”) – was in Salt Lake City debating Mike Pence…

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