Okay Gang, go to Gateway Pundit and there you will see videos of the so-called, “ringleader”, of the alleged, “militia”, that is accused of plotting to kidnap and kill Governor Whitmer of Michigan.

The lying media seems to label every group they fear and disagree with as a “militia” as if that’s a bad thing.  But a Citizen’s Militia is defined under 10 United States Code 246!  A Citizen’s Militia is a legally recognized organization under federal law.  Every true Citizen’s Militia I am aware of is made up of loyal constitutionists who are supporters of the federal and state governments so long as they operate within the bounds of the Constitution.  Militia members are also overwhelmingly strong supporters of law enforcement.

This ringleader on Gateway Pundit’s webpage is no constitutionist!  Listen to what he’s saying.  He is anti-all-government, anti-police and anti-law enforcement.  Check out the Anarchist flag on the wall behind him.  This guy is Antifa/BLM all the way, and if he’s somehow not, there’s no difference between what he’s blathering about and what Antifa/BLM members say.

It does appear the FBI arrested criminals, but the FBI has a long history of creating the criminals it arrests.  Back in the early 90s when Bill Clinton was President, Clinton saw the rise of the Citizen’s Militias as an armed threat to his Socialist agenda, so he ordered the FBI to begin infiltrating and criminalizing any group calling itself a militia.  The recipe the FBI used and uses is this:  Infiltrate and then identify the most naive moron in the group, entice the naive moron to commit a crime, supply the naive moron with materials to carry out the crime and then arrest the naive moron for conspiracy to commit the crime.  After the arrest, the FBI then tells the media they were able to stop the plot, “just in time”.  The public generally accepted that the FBI had superHuman, superior abilities to detect crimes being formulated, so they never questioned it.  Now that we all know the FBI has become a corrupt law enforcement organization, we don’t automatically assume they are acting in good faith.  But that was then, and this is now.

Anyway, the picture the media is trying to portray is, as usual, complete bullshit.  The media wants the public to believe the group arrested is a militia when it is pretty obvious they are Marxist-Anarchists just like the jackasses who have been burning and looting.  I can only speculate what motive the group may have had in going after Whitmer, so I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Carl F. Worden

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