Kamala Harris dodges questions on court packing, claims Biden ‘has been very clear’


Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., avoided giving her opinion on court packing — the concept of expanding the Supreme Court’s roster to confirm new justices — while claiming that Joe Biden has been “very clear” about his position.

Biden had repeatedly refused to answer questions on the issue, both in his September debate against President Trump and in interviews, but on Monday said he was “not a fan of court packing.” When asked if she agrees with this, Harris did not say.

“I think that … Vice President Biden has been very clear with the American people where he stands,” Harris said in exclusive comments to Fox News on Tuesday after participating in the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings. “The bottom line is we are what is it 21 days now from an election and that’s where we’re focused.”

When asked if she would also say she is not a fan of court packing, Harris did not respond.

While Biden’s statement that he is not a fan of the concept of court packing is consistent with a statement he made in a 2019 interview and 1983 remarks before the Senate, he had made a point in recent weeks not to discuss his … (Read more)

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