Amy Coney Barrett hearings conclude: Here’s what happens next in Supreme Court confirmation

By Christal Hayes Nicholas Wu  |  USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings are over. The proceedings in the Senate Judiciary Committee didn’t appear to derail her nomination, keeping her on a fast track to be confirmed to the Supreme Court before Election Day.

Throughout the four days of hearings, senators peppered President Donald Trump’s nominee with questions about her views on controversial issues that could come before the court, such as abortion, guns and the Affordable Care Act.

While sidestepping questions on contentious issues –  Democrats say Barrett refused to answer over 100 questions – Barrett vowed to keep an open mind on any matter that comes before the court. The panel also heard personal and emotional testimony from some of Barrett’s former colleagues and advocates who could be impacted by Barrett’s confirmation to the high court.

But Barrett’s nomination process isn’t finished. Here’s what to expect and when she could officially be sworn in as the ninth justice on the Supreme Court.

Committee vote Oct. 22

The Senate Judiciary Committee – the same 22-senator panel that spent the week questioning Barrett – will vote on Oct. 22 at 1 p.m. EDT on Barrett’s nomination. The vote is scheduled to come after the committee holds Barrett’s nomination for one week, a typical practice by the panel.

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