Socialists will never admit Socialism doesn’t work.  Instead, they always insist Socialism just hasn’t been applied correctly, so they keep coming back, time after time, and unless imprisoned or killed, they will never stop.  They see a cashless society as being immune to inflation because money under a cashless system doesn’t need to be printed; it is simply awarded via the Internet out of thin air.  Under such a system, it is argued, everybody will have enough money to buy whatever they need, and there is no inflation because under such a system, prices are fixed and cannot go higher.

We Christians know the real “why”:  If anyone does not totally cooperate with the powers that be, they won’t be awarded any of that spending money!  The Bible clearly addresses this issue when it warns that anyone who refuses to worship the coming AntiChrist, who will rule the New World Order, will not be able to buy or sell.  A cashless system will accommodate that total control.  Those who refuse to worship Satan, who will be the AntiChrist posing as Jesus himself, will be in deep doo-doo unless they see this coming (as they better!) and begin grouping together to establish their own trade system between themselves.  This is why I bought hard gold and silver years ago and haven’t sold it no matter how high the price goes.

I’m not the kind of guy who just accepts what I read or hear, and that goes for the Bible as well.  I don’t believe in God’s Word out of simple-minded blind faith, and God doesn’t expect anyone else to because God wants us to be wise, and wisdom dictates you don’t accept anything on face value.   So God gave us the Bible Prophesies, and he is on record telling us, “I gave you the prophecies so that you would believe”.

When I read that, I decided to put the prophecies to the test.  I started reading a lot of non-biblical ancient history leading up to more contemporary history, and discovered something truly astonishing:  All the early and mid-term Bible prophecies have come to pass exactly as written!  No, I’m not talking 80-90% here, it is 100%!  If two thirds of God’s prophecies have come to fruition with 100% accuracy, I’m going to have enough solid, God-proved faith that the latter-day prophecies will come to pass exactly as written.

Call me crazy.

Many people don’t understand that the entire Bible is God’s own inspired Word.  We have authors’ names like Ezekiel, Daniel and Isaiah pinned to the individual books, but every word they wrote was directly told to them by God himself to write down, when God was still using those prophets to do so.  Long after those prophets wrote the books and died, the prophecies they wrote are still coming to fruition 2,500 years later.

So forget Nostradamus and Edgar Casey; they may have had some inkling of the future and wrote it down, but they were not prophets of God.  The only prophecies you can take seriously and study carefully are those of God’s true prophets, and there is nothing vague about them.  If you study them using an older version of Strong’s Concordance and a Companion Bible, you will be able to decipher exactly what they mean because you’ll be able to read the definition of the Hebrew or Greek words used.

Sometimes the English translation of the Bible is incorrect.

For example, in Matthew 16:18 you will find an English phrase where the word, “rock”, appears in two places.  But in translating the original manuscripts, you will discover there were two different Greek words used.  One is Petros, which means moveable rock.  The other Greek word used is Petra, meaning an immovable rock.  Jesus refers to Peter (from the Greek word Petros) as a moveable rock, then Jesus tells us he will build his church on a Petra — an immovable rock.  Catholics have long been taught that Peter was the founder of the original Christian Catholic Church because they did not decipher the difference in the two Greek words used.  Jesus was telling us he was building his own church on a Petra — an immovable rock, “…and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”.

Well, if anyone has noticed what’s been going on in the Catholic Church lately, you will know that the gates of hell have indeed prevailed against i:.  It is a moveable rock!  But Jesus’ true church, which is made up of true Christian devout believers, has not and cannot be moved because it is Jesus’ own church, and it has no walls.  Jesus’ Church is all of us who have truly accepted Jesus as the only true son of God and our savior who rose from the dead to defeat death for all time.

The Bible Prophecies do not give us specific months or times they will be fulfilled, but they do indeed give us the “seasons” during which they will occur.  The last and final generation of Humans were born after Israel was reestablished in 1948, and God tells us, “This generation shall not pass until all things be fulfilled”.  That means all the last Bible Prophecies will be fulfilled in this final generation, and that includes the fact AntiChrist will establish a one-world government, where fools will think he is Jesus and worship him accordingly.  AntiChrist will declare himself God and then be overthrown by Jesus himself, but woe to those who worshipped the AntiChrist, which in translation means, “Instead of Christ”.  He is a fraud, and he will fool many alleged Christians who did not study God’s Word, but instead listened to men lie and tell them they will all be flown away from danger in the so-called Rapture.

That Rapture-crap is a vile trick and not part of God’s Prophecy, so beware and don’t try to blame anyone for your foolishness when, too late, you discover that truth.  You have had the same opportunity to study God’s Word, and if you didn’t do it, then I guess it just wasn’t that important to you.

I’m pretty sure that’s how God is going to see it.


Carl F. Worden

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