Mark Levin is interviewing Rudy Giuliani Sunday (last night) regarding Joe and Hunter Biden and the corruption evidence discovered in that abandoned computer.  The Levin Show is normally scheduled for 5PM and 8PM Pacific time.

Now all of you know Fox News doesn’t usually run full coverage of Trump rallies because there are so many lately, and much of Trump’s rally speeches  are redundant — except tonight!  Tonight, Fox preempted Mark Levin’s 5 PM show with full coverage of a Trump’s rally in Nevada.  Fox has a runner at the bottom of the screen telling us Mark Levin will be seen at 10PM EST, or 7PM Pacific time, when the Greg Gutfeld Show is scheduled.  So if you weren’t paying attention, you would have tried to watch the Mark Levin Show at 8PM Pacific time when you found out Levin’s 5 PM show had been preempted, and if you made that mistake, you would have missed Levin’s show altogether because they are running it in Greg Gutfeld’s slot from 7PM to 8PM.

Don’t you kinda get the feeling Fox doesn’t want you to hear what Rudy Giuliani has to tell Mark Levin?  Yeah, me too.


Carl F. Worden

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