In 2016, every poll indicated Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump for the presidency.  But there was a disconnect between those errant polls and what we were seeing with our own eyes.  Tens of thousands of people, often on a moment’s notice, were showing up at Trump rallies, often in inclement weather.  When that many people get off their butts to stand in the rain or snow, rally after rally, I knew Trump was going to win.

Now cut to 2020.  Trump hasn’t lost a single base voter from 2016, but in 2020 he’s actually added to it.  Trump got around 8% of the black vote in 2016.  This time he will, at the very least, double that.  Moderate Democrats who voted for Hillary in 2016 are so alarmed by the Liberal-sanctioned violence in their cities that they are vowing to vote for Trump this time.  Hispanics, one of the most misunderstood of all minority groups in the USA, are flocking to Trump in record numbers.  Of course President Trump will be reelected in a fair election!

Of course, we all know the Democrats and their evil ones have no intention of allowing a fair election to take place, but I am going to state again that this election will be such a Trump/Conservative landslide that all their efforts will fail, just like they failed to remove Trump via endless investigations and an impeachment.  They can’t win, because they aren’t just fighting Trump and his supporters; I am completely convinced they are actually fighting against God Almighty, and when you do that, you lose every time.

Look at the evidence!  Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at the exact time Trump needed to put another Conservative Constititionist on the Supreme Court.  Ginsburg’s death was natural, so nobody can claim she was murdered as we suspect Scalia was.  Only God can do that.  Then consider the timing of the New York Post article about the information found on Hunter Biden’s computer.

The computer shop owner first notified the FBI he had Hunter’s computer after he saw what was on it.  An FBI Agent investigating child porn eventually subpoenaed it, but what FBI Director Christopher Wray didn’t know was that the shop owner had copied the hard drive before the computer was taken.  The FBI sat on that computer evidence of Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption all the way through the impeachment process without informing President Trump.  The Computer shop owner gave his evidence to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney when he realized the FBI wasn’t acting on it.   I know Wray is going to claim the FBI was concentrating on the apparent videos or photos of young children being molested, and didn’t notice the damning emails, but who is going to believe that?  But it’s the timing of the discovery of that evidence, just 18 days before the election, that tells me God’s fingerprints are all over what is happening.

Now let’s look at a local House of Representatives election in Oregon, a Liberal blue state second only to California.  Democrat Peter Defasio has held his seat in Oregon safely for over 20 years, but it appears Defasio is going to be defeated by Republican Alek Skarlatos, who is one of the heroes who foiled the terrorist attack on a train in France.  Skarlatos’ heroism aside, he has raised more money for this Oregon election than Defasio did in any of his former campaigns!  What is the catalyst?  Try all the violence happening in Portland.  That kind of thing threatens everybody, Democrat, Republican or Independent, and when they see their Democrat elected officials doing nothing, they vote to stop it.  We’ll see the same results all over the United States.

So just sit back and relax.  Go fishing or play golf, but don’t waste a nano-second worrying about the outcome of this election, because it is solidly and obviously in God’s hands every step of the way.

Carl F. Worden

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