Zooming and Toobin

Baby drama! CNN star Jeffrey Toobin offered Casey Greenfield money for  abortion: sources - New York Daily News

By Erick Erickson

Now, I want to discuss the Jeffrey Toobin story. I am surprised Jeffrey Toobin has not blamed Russian interference on the erection.

For more than a decade, Jeffrey Toobin has been a partisan progressive who has used his perch as CNN’s supposedly objective legal analyst to assail critics, conservatives, and anyone he disagrees with. From his writings at New Yorker, Toobin has exposed himself (pun intended) as a not very original thinker with a nasty streak. You get that on CNN occasionally too.

The bigger issue though is this one — a decade ago, Toobin had an affair with the daughter of a colleague. He got her pregnant, pressured her to have an abortion, refused a DNA test when she refused, and then tried to fight paying child support.

The media was perfectly fine employing the guy. In fact, the American press, like their brethren in Hollywood, is perfectly fine employing and promoting moral cretins providing they say and think all the right things. Scorn and punishment are typically reserved for the people who do exactly as Toobin did, but hold the wrong social and political views. Because Toobin is an amoral jackhole willing to use his perch to assail Christians, conservatives, and those with a moral compass who may betray their morals, he had job protection.

The incentive is to have no morals lest you be accused of hypocrisy.

Everyone in the world who has been able to witness Toobin’s career could get he was an amoral dick, but the press corp had to see his actual one to do anything about him. That a guy like that could go on as long as he did in the press is a damning indictment on the enterprise of American journalism itself.

Let me also disabuse you of the idea that this is just a fixture of the left-leaning mainstream media. Conservative media does the exact same thing. The moral character of those who generate ratings is not an issue at all as long as the ratings are good. Only when that person becomes too much of a liability or the ratings dive does anyone take any action.

I do not insist or claim to insist that only angels should be hired in the press and only the most virtuous should have jobs. We are all sinners. We all have faults and character flaws. Even so, most of us have a sense of shame and decency, but too many of the suits in too many of the networks and publications we rely on for information and entertainment on the left and the right are no better than the guy exposing himself on a Zoom call thinking his camera was turned off. Still, most of them are appalled and wonder how the nation could have ever elected Donald Trump.

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