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We’ve got a lot to tell you about today, starting over at City Hall, where the Metro Council is setting the stage to woke-ify their ranks ever further, with the creation of two new positions that would make event that most ardent Berkeley grad proud! Our own Corinne Murdock tells us what she’s learned!

Meanwhile in D.C. Senator Marsha Blackburn has an important update of the state of additional PPP funding, and much more. We’ll tell you what she said, what it could mean, and show you the video, too!

Plus, we’ve got the latest on Pope Francis’ new take on civil unions; the latest rule change on absentee ballots in North Carolina; new developments on OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma’s plea deal, a can’t-miss commentary exploring the top five job-killing policies Biden vows to impose; and much, much more!

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Now here’s what’s making news today!

– Metro Council Passes Ordinance to Create ‘Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer’ and ‘Workforce Diversity Manager’ for ‘Social Justice’

– Republicans Will Put PPP Funding Back on the Floor for a Vote Despite Democrats’ Efforts to Block It, Sen. Blackburn Says

– Commentary: Biden’s Top Five Job-Killing Policies

– Pope Francis Becomes First Pope to Endorse Same-Sex Civil Unions 

– Appeals Court Rules North Carolina Absentee Ballots Postmarked By November 3 Are Valid If They Arrive Before November 12

– OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma to Plead to Three Criminal Charges


We have more news and commentary waiting for you, and even more is on the way – so be sure to check in at The Tennessee Star early and often!

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