‘Hunter/underage girls’ – combo

I have to wonder WHY anyone finds this ‘Hunter/underage girls’ – combo to be a surprise.  How many times have we seen, read, heard of how Creepy Joe loves to sniff young girls hair and touch them.  Seems to me that this is a Biden family character trait.

Jackie Juntti

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Rudy Giuliani says he turned over materials involving underage girls from Hunter’s alleged laptop to Delaware police

Submitted by MAGA Student

Appearing on Newsmax TV, Rudy Giuliani announced he has turned over materials from Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop to Delaware state police.

According to Delaware Online, Mat Marshall, a spokesman for Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings said “They’ve got a hard drive, or a laptop, or something to that effect. They try to turn it over to New Castle County PD. New Castle County PD calls us.”

During his interview on Newsmax, Giuliani made the explosive claim that the files included materials involving underage girls and inappropriate texts.

Giuliani also told Just the News he was worried about children endangerment.

“I told them other details about what appears to be an inappropriate sexual relationship,” Giuliani said about his conversation with Delaware police. “They told me it would be investigated.”

“There are many texts which I gave to them that point out that family was concerned about the safety of the child,” Giuliani also said.

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