As you all know, the Mafia actively smuggled and sold drugs on America’s streets, mostly in black neighborhoods.  But if the Mafia knew one of their own was hooked on drugs, they either murdered them or made sure they didn’t handle any sensitive business until they cleaned up.  This is because, as so many Americans painfully know, drug addicts are completely unreliable.

Now Joe Biden is not the sharpest tool in the shed.  In fact, Barack Obama was heard to say, “Never underestimate the ability of Joe Biden to (expletive) things up”.  Boy, has Biden messed things up!

If you have an offspring who has gotten hooked on illegal drugs, you are probably a victim of theft at the very least.  Drug addicts are so messed up and willing to do anything to get their next fix, they will throw their own mother under the bus to get them.  So when Joe Biden got the not-so-bright idea to use Hunter Biden, a known drug abuser, to be his bagman in foreign shady deals, he should have realized his son would turn out to be the weakest link in the various plots Joe Biden had hatched.  But apparently Hunter’s obvious liability never occurred to Joe, and that makes you wonder if Joe can ever get anything right.

The computer repair shop owner stated that Hunter Biden was intoxicated both times he saw him.  Hunter was probably flying on a mix of alcohol and drugs, but who knows for certain.  What we do know is Hunter dropped off the computer and never returned for it, and my money says the kid was so completely baked he forgot what he did with that computer, let alone where he left it.

My assessment:  Joe Biden is just a typical stupid crook.  He’s not a mastermind by any means; he’s just your average moron who is driven by pure greed, and some people will still vote for him.

You just can’t fix stupid.

Carl F. Worden

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