I thought I had a pretty good idea of how corrupt Washington DC had become, but like President Trump, I had no idea how deep the swamp was, let alone how vicious its creatures.  It is easy to spot on the surface, but what we were lacking before was the methods used to make millionaires out of elected officials on limited incomes.  Don’t get me wrong, I know the salaries of Representatives and Senators are higher than the average American earns, so there was always the assumption they made wise investments.  But with all the latest revelations about how the Bidens have been accumulating incredible wealth, that assumption in most cases seems foolish now.

The IRS knows that when a person on a limited income suddenly acquires expensive homes and cars, something is amiss.  So the IRS performs a line-by line audit to prove there is no way the individual could have made the purchases they made unless they had a lot of undeclared income.  The problem is the IRS will do that to citizen taxpayers, but not elected officials.

Take for example Maxine Waters.  That woman has acquired enormous wealth, even though she hails from a California district that is poor.  She also keeps getting plenty of money for her re-elections, but that money isn’t coming from her constituents, so there must be a  very good reason people Maxine Waters doesn’t officially represent are funding her continuing political career.  An IRS line-by-line audit needs to be done on every single elected official every year by law.  Either these elected officials are genius investors who earned that extra income honestly, or they are getting income from other sources that are not declared on their tax returns.  It’s as simple as that to figure out.

The revelations that keep flowing from the initial Ukraine-Biden scandal are just the tip of the iceberg.  Now we know Biden’s shenanigans extend to many other nations, and of particular concern are his involvement with Communist China, arguably the greatest threat to the United States, both economically and militarily.  It now appears Biden was involved in transferring technology to China that can be used against all of us in a war!  It doesn’t get worse than that.

What we didn’t know, but what all the dirty politicians did know, was that an investigation into the Bidens’ activities in Ukraine would open Pandora’s Box and expose all the shady dealing going on.  That is why Nancy Pelosi jumped off her whistle and blew her horse when she heard that Trump called the Ukraine President inquiring about Hunter Biden’s dealings there.  Over one innocent telephone call, Pelosi immediately launched an impeachment of President Trump to get him out of office and out of power.  Obviously, Pelosi herself felt threatened or she wouldn’t have done it.  It is now becoming clear that the RINO Republican “Never-Trumpers” also felt threatened, but by far, the worst actors appear to be Democrats.

Trump is going to be re-elected, and I’m pretty sure the Senate and House will also fall back into his hands.  If that happens, all the shackles will be off and we will eventually know the ugly truth that for personal gain, many Democrats and a few RINOs have been doing things that are not in the best interest of the United States and its citizens.

Carl F. Worden

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